5 European Countries That Are Definitely Underrated

When it comes to places to see in Europe, many of us have the same wish list. We want to see the sights in Paris, shop in Madrid, and get romantic in Rome. There are certain countries and cities that are well-known all over the world as great holiday destinations with must-see landmarks. However, there are also many underrated countries which, while you may not know as much about them, are definitely worth visiting.

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The only place in Ireland likely to be on most people’s travel to-do list is Dublin. Ireland has so much more to offer though. Visit Connemara for beautiful landscapes, mountains, beaches and hiking trails, as well as quaint little villages. Or, go to the gorgeous mountain valley of Glendalough to see the best valleys, as well as a hidden monastery. While towns like Dublin and Cork have fantastic shopping areas, museums, nightlife, and libraries, it’s the smaller, unknown areas that are worth seeking out. Wherever you visitin Ireland, be sure to check out the artwork, go horse riding on the beach, and sample some great local beers.

Ireland Monastery


When exploring this area, people often stick to the better-known Germany instead of venturing into Poland. However, Poland it is certainly worth a visit. Those who go have reported that the food, beer, and atmosphere are better here.

Head to Krakow for a true taste of culture. Many visitors believe the town square, with its breath-taking architecture, colourful cobblestone streets and view of Wawel Castle to be one of the most beautiful places they have ever seen.

Poland Winter


Moldova is often forgotten about when planning a break or looking for somewhere new to visit. This lack of popularity among tourists means that Moldova can offer you unspoiled countryside, nature, and wildlife. Moldova is the perfect place to travel if you are on a budget and want a relaxing break.

For the best museums, restaurants, and nightlife, head to Chisinau, which is Moldova’s biggest city. You should also check out the Cricova Winery for some of the best wines in Europe.

Moldova Wine


It’s true that Bulgaria is growing in popularity because of its budget appeal. However, the country is still hugely underrated. It isn’t just great because it’s cheap. It has a lot to offer. Depending on the area and time of the year, you could explore the sights and hit the beach or head to the mountains to have a go at snowboarding.

Bulgaria Castle


Austria is well known for its mountains and is a popular destination for winter sports breaks. However, Austria has much more to offer. The mountain areas are full of quaint little villages with their own traditions and cultures. But, cities like Innsbruck have fantastic shopping areas, lively nightlife, and a great art scene.

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