A Brief Note About My Time In Sydney, Australia

I thought I would take a moment to write about my brief tour in Australia, Back in the beginning of September, when my life was speeding by so fast on my interesting journeys, I had not had the time or desire to write,, but now things have calmed down a bit and I am into my groove of travel. Sydney, Australia –The Home of the Kangaroos and Modern Shopping Precincts.

Surry Hills, Shopping VillageI never thought of a city that is so diverse in terms of shopping outlets, cultural practices and modernity until I visited Sydney last summer. Sydney as the largest city and the administrative center of Australia is always ready to ascertain your sense of style, complexity and aspirations I visited this City for the sole purpose of shopping; getting new clothes, designer handbags, shoes, home wares, new hairstyles and things like that. A friend of mine suggested Paddington malls but I opted for more sophisticated Darlinghurst shopping outlet. Darlinghurst borders Surry Hills and the remarkable Paddington shopping zone and is an ideal place for shopping; with fashion boutiques music shops cafes art galleries and also bookshops easily at your disposal. I found it quite amazing that Darlinghurst is one of the few places in Sydney, Australia where you can get a blend of the traditional European fashion styles and the local aboriginal way of life. It is for this reason that this shopping destination is also referred to Sydney’s center for inner-city styles.

After spending almost two hours at the Darlinghurst, window-shopping and learning the The skyline of the Sydney central business dis...local history about the pioneer settlers’ first encounter with the kangaroos, I decided to move on to other shopping destinations and experience what Sydney had to offer in terms of modern contemporary fashion. My first stop was at the Blood Orange, developed in the lavish suburban commune of Elizabeth Bay and a home of young and upcoming designers such Love and Bassike with transnational offerings which do some cool basics in this region. The Blood Orange provided some memorable experience for me, some of which form an indelible part of my memory. The antic designer outfits coupled with the local souvenirs that were given to me free of charge at the entrance of this amazing shopping outlet, played a key role in making me want to come back again and again to Blood Orange, Sydney. With international art exhibitions that provide comprehensive images of the culture and way of living of the diverse communities living in Australia, the Blood Orange provides a must visit destination for anyone planning to come to Sydney. I bought some few iconic dresses for my already slimming body and took a bus to my next destination, the infamous Sydney Opera House. Here I took some unforgettable photos and watched plays from some of the Australia’s finest actors. The fun was remarkable with friendly people and great way of living, From here I was off to the hills for a tour of some beautiful mountains not far outside of Sydney.. I will continue with that story in a couple of weeks.

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