Abercrombie River national park

abercrombie bridge My journey to the Abercrombie national park was well prepared and full of anticipation. I had planned my trip very well .Anytime I planned on going to Australia, I set my heart and mind to visit Abercrombie River National Park. My entire child hood, I spent in Australia and thus most of my friends were in Australia. My long time friend who resided in Australia, and I planned for this for a very long time and since the time had come. We paid for the tickets and booked a tour guide and a vehicle.

It was a Saturday morning when we set off to the park. My three friends were very happy for that was the first time for them to go to a national park without guardians. We set off from Sydney where we were staying to the national park. This was about 120km from where we were. We thus had to carry lots of food and refreshments for it was going to be along, adventurous and exciting journey.

Once at the entrance, we were asked to show our tickets and we were allowed to go in. We were extremely excited and just anticipated the adventure that we were going to have. We took the four wheel drive and off we went. We first started at the nearest site where we were able to view native plants like the eucalyptus, tall river oaks and some trees which we couldn’t even recognize their names. The trees were very tall such that you could break the neck if you wanted to look at the top most point.

The tour guide told us about everything that was there and for how long they have existed.abercrombie park As we were looking and staring, suddenly, an eastern grey kangaroo jumped into the vehicle. we were so freaked out and we thought we were going to be eaten alive all we could do was scream at our topmost voices .we had to take off our shoes and throw at it to scare it off. It just thought we were joking and wanted to have fun wt it. It just jumped around happily. We were not amused at all. The tour guide took a stone and threw it that is when it went away. That was quite a scare! The tour guide chased it away we became relieved. There were also animals of native origin like the wallaroo, swamp wallabies, red necked wallabies, enchiladas and wombats were some of the native animals we were able to see.

We decided to set for the silent creek campground. Thanks to the tour guide we had the FOUR wheel drive vehicle. We headed to the southern area and had a lot of fun activities. Evening had come and it was time to go back home. That was an experience that I really loved.

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