An Awesome Week of Sightseeing in Paris

A fortnight ago, I had a great opportunity to tour Paris. It really felt amazing taking a short hiatus from the world of social media and daily life. One day while sitting at the computer, trying to escape the daily grind.

I started perusing the internet for some cheapflights, not knowing where I was going, I ended up coming upon a great deal to Paris.

I stayed there for pretty much one week and it was surreal I’ve got to say.

Day 1: I arrived at Hotel Armour to unwind a bit. I loved this hotel and its services, the lunch was lovely. After 2 hours of relaxation, I headed over to Canal Saint Martin. It is an area where young artists get to flaunt off their skills, it had this feel of NYC all over. The area is full of bars and cafes, so I ended up spending my whole day there.

Paris_Promenade_planteeDay 2: On the second day, I kicked off my day with a visit to La Promenade Plantee. It was just 20 mins away from where I was staying, and it was a lovely sight-seeing spot to say the least. The plants, scenery and benches further made it much more awesome. The clock was ticking at around 11 AM, The grand old cemetery was my next destination. It had many famous residents such as Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and more. Some of those tombs date back to 250 years. As for the lunch, Laduree was an enchanting place to be at.
Fortunately, I still had enough time before dusk. So I headed over to Saint Germain Institution, which has said to have lots of influential people. I had a great time there, and spent rest of my evening at Merci, consisting of fashionable stores and an ultimate place to shop in Paris.

Day 3: Began with Shakespeare and Company. It was a second hand bookstore focusing on English language books which surprised me a bit. It was Monday, and Monday evenings they host readings from authors absolutely for free.
The Espace Dali was the next place I planned to be at, which was an amazing art museum, a tribute to Salvador Dali. Its collection of works and exhibitions compelled me to spend hours of time there.

Orangerie ParisDay 4: On the 4th day, I was super enthusiastic and scheduled many places to  visit. The first one was The Orangerie, a lovely museum comprising of works by some of the most fabled painters. I then went onto the rooftop club called “Le Perchoir”, it was a bit early, but I had a great time there.
Le Georges au Centre Pompidou was the next destination. I’m a huge fanatic of historic and modern art, so I had a great time here as well. I then headed onto Club Le Baron, and partied all night. It was a long day, and was definitely worth it.

Day 5 & Day 6: On the 5th day, I made it a shopping day. I went through the streets on foot and what a gorgeous sunny day. I walked all the way to Place De La Concorde, the biggest square in the city. And then of course, it was the time for Eiffel Tower. And by God, it felt out of the world; not something I expected it to be. A full day of walking had me quite tired, so I decided to call it a day.
Things were wrapping up, and I really felt a bit sad that the time had come that I needed to desert Paris. So I set myself out for a special treat.I went to Le Georges au Centre Pompidou for it was known for its top notch modern art. And on the 6th floor, was a delicious restaurant.
All in all, I spent just about six days, and I felt that I made quite a good use of my time. However there is so much more to see and do in Paris. I will definitely be back for more. The different cultures and traditions really invigorate me, and make me so excited to be alive.

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