Australians Spend Big on Travel and Tourism

Australians are in the top 10 globally for spending on holidays and travel, which may be surprising considering its population relative to the other 9 contenders. In the last 10 years the number of overseas trips taken by Australians has doubled to a whopping 9 million. If everyone took one holiday, 39% of the population would have left Australia as some point in 2014. In fact, when factoring in population figures, Australia comes out on top, spending $1,477 per capita on international travel and tourism.


Source: MyBudget – Personal Budgeting

Australia’s sheer size and geographical location make it ideally placed for quick breaks and longer travels. Perth is closer to Jakarta than Sydney, and northern regions have easy access to Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. In addition, east coast locations such as Sydney and Brisbane are close to popular tropical destinations such as Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia for short breaks and Melbourne is only a 4 hour flight from New Zealand. Australia’s multicultural cities also contribute to the nations travel expenditure with many heading home to visit family and friends – despite the distance, the UK is the 5th favourite place to visit and the third most popular from which to be granted residency.

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