Different ways to work and travel

Whether it’s a gap year between education and work or a year out from a busy career, more and more people want to travel and see the world. This is a wonderful way to learn about other countries and broaden your horizons, but – even if you’re hitching and living out of a backpack – it entails inevitable expense. One way to make it possible, even if you don’t have much in the way of savings, is to work while you travel, and there are quite a few ways you can do so legally and successfully.

 work while traveling

Consider your talents


If you’re considering this option, the first thing to do is to consider your talents and the places you want to visit, and work out what kind of work would fit with these. If you can write well or take good photographs, for instance, you may find a magazine willing to pay for coverage of your trip, but this is easier to arrange if you’re going somewhere unusual that hasn’t been covered extensively before. If you have other kinds of artistic talent, such as painting or sculpting, you may be able to get a special visa giving you permission to work for extended periods in the countries you visit. If you’re unskilled you could always pick up seasonal work, such as fruit picking, if you travel at the right time of year, and if you’re already in a steady job you may be able to arrange to work remotely, even if it means getting fewer hours.


Working holiday visas


Before you set off it’s important to research the countries you want to visit and find out their visa requirements. As a rule, you won’t need special permission if you’re doing work that generates money for you back home, only if you would potentially be taking money out of the local economy.


Smart ways to work while traveling


Some forms of travel make working easier than others. If you’re InterRailing around Europe, for instance, or taking a Royal Holiday cruise, you can visit many different countries but still have time free to get work done. Make sure you plan so that you’ll have the time and the peace and quiet appropriate for the sort of work you’re doing.


A well-planned working vacation means you can see the world without ending up out of pocket as a result, and you may even find that it enriches your experience.

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