Eating Like The French

I’ve been roaming the world for quite a long time now. I’ve been to India, Australia, Italy… The list keeps growing. Each time I decide to visit a new place, I’m filled with this surge of energy. Most folks call it adrenaline. I just like to call it excitement.

While I am an avid traveler, I am also extremely fond of food. That’s why every destination intrigues me. I love to indulge in the cuisine and learn how to cook just like them. I strongly believe that the kind of food you eat reflects a lot about your culture. It tells you about the resources that the country has in abundance and it tells you a little about the people too!

After following this gastronomical tale of travel, you won’t be surprised when I started looking forward to a trip to France. While most people know France as a city of love and freedom, people who love food know that the French really know how to cook. The French believe in freedom and in a way it is reflected in the varied techniques they use when cooking.

As usual, I was doing a little research before I left to start on my trip. That’s when I came across this interesting page. It was an extensive guide to French gastronomy from French Voyage. What made this article interesting was the way they divided the country into its smaller states. Each state was linked to a different kind of food culture.

RestaurantIt made my research so much simpler. Since my trip was already planned out, all I had to do was click on the region I was visiting and the food that was famous in the area appeared as a list in front of me. Such a simple and yet brilliant concept!

Suffice to say that I spent a lot of time reading up about the different kinds of dishes that the country had to offer. After the first few minutes, I found myself rummaging for my travel diary. I started scribbling down notes. These notes would help me on my trip.

Will all my notes in place and my travel plans ready, I packed my bags and set out on my journey. Did France disappoint me? Definitely not! The food was exquisite and it delighted my taste buds. Even though France is a relatively small country and that makes the variety of cuisines that you can taste is astounding.

Paris was a must see for me. The capital city had a lot of roadside food. This was something that I did not expect. Since the French are best known for their sweets, I found myself gorging on the crepes, waffles and other knick knacks that I could find.

seafood appetizerThe south of France mesmerized me with the amount of fresh seafood that was available. The preparations ranged from healthy cooking to indulgent styles. If food was the only defining factor in a trip, I would consider France the best place to go to. It has a cuisine for every platter! So if you love to eat, then go to France!

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