Fly by Jet until your Ship Comes In

It’s not too late to make your travel plans for the summer.  If you still dream of jetting away to India for your dream vacation, let Travelocity show you how quickly it can be done.  And if saving money on your travel plans is important to you, let Groupon show you how to save money on Travelocity.  The two have become best buds and offer deals that are quite complimentary.   You search Groupon for money saving deals and information then use it to purchase your tickets and off you go.

Jet awayJuly is National Family Reunion month, so if you’re planning a reunion on land or at sea, Travelocity can put some velocity into those plans.  Don’t let them stall over schedule conflicts.  Use the convenient time tables on the site to block out the best days for everyone, and you can instantly see the fares and compare prices as you search.  Spread the word quickly to other family members so you can take advantage of deals like 40% off flights and hotels, and you can save even more when you use codes for exclusive offers like 70% off featured hotels, and rental packages.

airportThis summer offers some ideal reasons to travel.   Those looking for an unforgettable experience should make plans now to hunker down within the path of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse heading our way.  On August 21, those in line of sight from Oregon to South Carolina will experience a rare event as the sun disappears behind the moon during the day, and casts twilight over the land.  Expect the eeriest feeling you’ve ever had as the temperature drops noticeably and light streaks across the sky.

Carly Simon famously sang about a guy who was so vain he flew his Lear jet to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun.  If you’re still waiting for your ship to come in so you can afford your own private jet, let Travelocity take care of your plans in the meantime.  They can get you to Oregon, South Carolina, or any point in between where you can join in on this rare experience.

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