Little Known Adventures at Olu Deniz Beach

There is nothing sweet and refreshing than getting what you pay for when going for a holiday. The incredible fun and service I am receiving in holiday resorts and Hotels at Olu Deniz in Turkey right now is the main reason as to why I decided to leave my comfort zone so as to share my excitement with you for a minute. My adventurous encounter today is going to be short because I can’t imagine missing all the fun, but let me do this because sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Olu_Deniz_High_StreetAs I have told you early, I am at Olu Deniz, NO! NO! I am at the Stunning Olu Deniz beach resort, located at the Southwestern region of Turkey. I am now relaxing on my holiday resort beach bed in Olu Deniz, wearing my new bikini while enjoying the perfect climate at the convergence of Aegean and Mediterranean seas. My feet are tucked into the pristine white sand in this beach, as I am spoiled for choice on where to rest my eyes from the numerous beautiful sceneries surrounding me. I am not alone, but enjoying the cultures of other visitors from various spheres of life; majority of them being from the UK.

I visited this place because of the reputable resorts and hotels in Olu Deniz, but now I have to admit that its sightseeing is also breathtaking. Oh my good God!! Why hasn’t anybody covered this extensively in a magazine or blog? I am just watching some of the visitors preparing themselves to go for a Scuba Diving trip, and trust me I am tempted to leave this article underway and join them. No! I think I should join the 510-kilometre trail hiking team at Olu Deniz’s Lycian Way. I swear I am so tempted and spoiled for choice right now, but, trust me; I am not going to leave you hanging. Oh! I an excellent has just stuck me! I think I am going to visit one of the historical sites here in Olu Deniz Turkey. I am talking of the abandoned Greek village of Kaya Koyu and the historical remnants of Lycia; when I am through with sharing this with you.

olu_deniz_beachI have to confess that I love Olu Deniz beach more than the historical sites and sightseeing. The Olu Deniz beach is popularly known as “the blue lagoon”. This beach is one of the most Photographed beaches in Turkey, and I can attest to this today as I lie on my beach bed today. In fact, everything on this beach is simply amazing. That is why I have unknowingly broken my history on taking a lot of pictures on a single holiday. As a matter of fact, I have to change the Battery of my camera regularly so as to allow me take more pictures of the beautiful Olu Deniz beach, historical sites and Sightseeing. So, if you come across any of my images alone or in the company of other tourists, please do not be surprised, at least I gave you a clue!

Blue_lagoonThe weather here is irresistible to sunbathing. Olu Deniz beach is at the Mediterranean Sea, which is popularly known for its mild winters and summers. It is now Summer time, and the weather here is warm, dry and downright enjoyable. I cannot get enough of swimming and sunbathing. I am also eagerly waiting to attend the international air game; that primarily involve a display of aeronautical techniques and invention; you never know, I might go back home an aeronautical engineer or something similar to that, hehee! I, however, regret missing the festival of Sweets and the festival of Tomatoes that took place earlier. Oh! Single life is so sweet when going for a holiday, waah! Any way I hope I have shared enough with you, back to having fun now!

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