Memories of a Romantic Retreat in Tuscany

Today I will attempt to describe one of my most treasured memories of a truly romantic retreat. Italy and romance often emerge as peers, and among the most recommended destinations for a young couple, is the romantic jewel of Tuscany. The region of Tuscany is a series of small towns that have gradually become the most attractive holiday destinations in modern Italy. I was able to find a great selection of romantic Tuscany villas for rent. Tuscany proudly presenting a natural landscape that is as diverse as it is priceless, visiting Tuscany charms the heart in ways a girl cannot easily describe. And interestingly, these moments are captivated in absolute seclusion of a town with a Renaissance background.

Tuscany brunchNonetheless, what makes Tuscany villas so emotionally overwhelming, is not simply their seclusion, but also the charm and marvel in the lover’s village. Hiking through the vineyards and olive groves, all within the grasp of the Tyrrhenian Sea, convinces a visitor that Tuscany is indeed special. Forgive me for being rather personal, but my memories of this idyllic hideaway are as dear to my heart. What started as a weekend in Italy gradually became a week long luxury retreat, and I have no regrets. The terrain itself evokes unforgettable emotions of a visitor, and captivates an enduring allure of romance. Gazing down the snow-caps of the Apennines Mountains, and lazing in the sunny beaches of Elba captivates the moments of a pleasurable retreat.

From my experience, Tuscany provides a first-hand experience of the spectacular Renaissance architecture and art. A simple visit of Uffizi Gallery where the Renaissance sculpture of David by Michelangelo is a central attraction, welcomes you to the very thrown of masterpiece art. Every little girl reminisces of dream-like romance with prince charming. In most cases, that dream eventually fades with realistic acknowledgement of real life contexts. Yet, for a short while, a luxury retreat in Tuscany revitalizes this very dream, to the core. Snoozing in the sun along the poolside, as the flavors and aromas of farmlands punctuate the Renaissance ideology, tells a tale of a preserved and treasured lure of love. Tuscany is a dream setting for a princess, and without question, the single most romantic region in western Italy.

tuscany_camporempoliMy memories are of a girl who embraced nature with unforgettable charm, memories that redefined my understanding of a romantic getaway. Somebody must have directed these villas to integrate nature with modernity. This reality becomes so clear when you are swimming in one of the pools, surrounded by layers of green trees. Surprisingly, this very feeling captivates the numerous boutique hotels in the region. A girl can never forget exploring the amazing medieval hilltops in this Italian patch, and of course the designer boutiques.

Only when you enjoy a backstroke in any one of the gorgeous pools, watching the hovering peace of olive groves and cypress trees, can you come close to acknowledge the romantic feeling offered by Tuscany. Tuscany captivates a romantic charm that is gradually outdoing the lure of traditional destinations, such as Rome and Florence. Without question, the village of love is one of the many Italian destinations I would love to visit, again.

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