Need a reason to visit Prague?

The Czech Republic grows year on year in popularity, and with good reason. Most visitors flock to the very beautiful Prague, which enjoys a colourful reputation and is well serviced by an array of budget airlines. But there is so much more to Prague than the local beer and budget-friendly adventures, with the following being just a few of the top reasons why you should visit Prague this summer:

Czech CathedralHistory

Prague has not had an easy past, and this heritage makes for a very intriguing stay! Political upheaval, social repression and bloody uprisings have dominated Prague’s last 100 years, so fascinating museums feature highly on the top of anyone’s to-do list here. There are ten major ones, and a whole host of other smaller exhibits, tucked away delightfully down cobbled alleys, waiting for your curiosity to uncover them.


Aside from museums, Prague also boats all kinds of ancient monuments spread across the skyline and dotted throughout the enchanting old town.  Not to be missed are the Strahov Monastery, an abbey dating from 1149; the Charles Bridge, a beautiful landmark dating from the 14th century, and the Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle anywhere in the world! All are renowned for their beauty making each one reason enough to visit. There are also numerous churches, squares and buildings to behold and between them they so perfectly showcase a wonderful collection of architectural styles that feature everything from gothic to baroque.

PragueVibrant music scene

Like any culturally rich city in Europe, Prague boasts more than its fair share of musical delights! From stage productions and dance to opera, classical orchestras and modern day rock concerts, there is something for every taste and budget in terms of the vibrant music scene.

When visiting Prague, no trip would be complete without a night at the opera. For lovers of all over types of music, don’t miss a night at the fabulous Rudolfinum; an exhibition and concert hall that always has great events taking place there.

Easy to navigate

So there’s the history, architecture and the wonderful music, but how do you see it all? An extensive network of public transport systems connects the city, making it accessible and cheap to explore. Choose from a ride on the metro, bus, tram, train, ferry and even any of the three funiculars. Adventuring on public transport in this way is not only cheap and fun; it puts you right into the thick of daily public life, allowing you to experience the city at ground level.

Another option is to cycle or walk, both of which can be extremely enjoyable within the maze of cobbled streets. Bicycles are easily rentable and make for a fun afternoon! Routes for both walking and cycling are well sign-posted, or you can join any number of (sometimes free) tours of the city.


History, architecture, music and a charming old town that is easy to navigate are all reasons enough to discover Prague. But there is so much more to this European gem than just the above, so be sure to check it out for yourself this summer! and the medieval fortifications. There is a beautiful cable-car ride to a summit above the city, which is an absolute must-do at sunset, when the entire city grows red as the sun sinks into the sparkling Adriatic ocean. Throw in some five star hotels, some intriguing history, hundreds of islands just off the coast, and some truly wonderful food; and this is absolutely a place to spoil yourself.


Istanbul is truly unique, occupying a wonderful position on the Bosphorus Strait, straddling the threshold between Europe and Asia. This special blend of cultures mean it is unlike any other city in the world. It is characterized by its famous old quarter, where oriental domes punctuate mazes of tiny streets, and wooden houses are squeezed into narrow cobbled lanes.

There is a true east-meet-west feel about the entire place. The surrounds are beautiful too; the Sea of Marmara sparkles invitingly to the South, while the bright lights of Beyoğlu tempt in the North.

These are all incredible cities and have so much to offer, so why not avoid the usual Paris and Rome and give one of the above destinations a try this summer? n mind that this list is barely the tip of the iceberg as there are so many other great cities in Europe too! So whatever your passion, be sure to discover it on the continent this summer.


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