Tel Aviv the Ultimate Holiday Experience

Israel is an ancient city with beautiful sites and histories. If you are a first time traveler to Israel or you are planning for a vacation destination and wondering where you can experience Israel all in one place, well Tel Aviv might be your ultimate destination.Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv translated from German means ‘old new land’. And it sure does lives up to its name. Being Israel’s largest city, it displays Israel’s culture through fashion, art and food. A visit to Tel Aviv will make you understand why it is called the youth of Israel. There is never a dull moment in Tel Aviv. The weather is mostly sunny and warm owing it the many tourist who come to visit the city. Tourists visit to enjoy the sunshine as its winters are barely humid, and the breathtaking sites and beaches.

Tel Aviv PeopleThe city covers Israel’s expansive coastline where you can experience white sand beaches, exotic beach life in luxurious hotels like the Dan hotel. If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind then Tel Aviv’s restaurants and cafes have it all. Visit Manta Ray restaurant for one of Israel’s best foods and drinks. Although the food and drinks are not cheap but the experience of sitting in a cozy restaurant along the beach watching the beach busting with life and activity will certainly be worth every coin. Enjoy fresh air as you cycle or walk down the promenade to Jaffa on the further south.

Jaffa is rich in historical sites and museums and its historic feel blends well with Tel Aviv’s modern city life. To get to Jaffa, use route 31 north from the dead sea, then Route 40 that links Beersheba with Tel Aviv. You can also take a flight straight to Jaffa is authentic that there is never a dull moment in Tel Aviv’s beaches. You also have to be their to experience the nightlife. Shop till you drop in north Tel Aviv’s shopping malls. Alenby street has markets that sell graffitis while Dizengof street has luxurious bars for nightlife lovers or loyal party goers. Tel Aviv Beach

Tel Aviv’s online guide for comprehensive information on sites beaches, hotels and restaurant as well as must see places to visit as well as upcoming events. Check out the flights to Tel Aviv, there are quite a few good deals, just check back now and then to find one that suits your budget and schedule the best.

The places you may not want to miss visiting are the famous Eretz Israel museum, Bauhaus architecture center, Yarkon park, Yitzhak Rabin center for a feel of Israels’ history, crafts and souvenirs. You may also want to look further to know the best hotels in Tel Aviv depending on their ranking.

For an ultimate Tel Aviv experience, consider spending more than two to three days for the ultimate experience.Tel Aviv should be on top of your list if you are tired of prolonged stiff cold winters,or you just want to enjoy warm sunny summers. You will be amazed at how its history and culture takes you back in time while still giving you the comfort that modernity has brought. Enjoy!


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