The big debate; All inclusive vs self catering

Choosing your board basis on a holiday can be as tricky as deciding where to go in the first place! If you don’t have any solid opinion on either side, you have choices, and this also opens up more places to stay, with more budget options.

Saving money is the order of the day, so I always look for little openings in order to help me keep cash in my pocket, where it belongs! Finding a cheap deal is the best way to do this, but if you’re booking your holiday in a DIY fashion, which is something I regularly do, then you need to be heading towards extras to make your travel day easier and cheaper.

The cheapest flights do tend to come with a bit of a downside, and that can be either having to travel further to a different airport, or being extremely early in the day. To get around this fact, head to and find a great deal for a night on-site, meaning no need to get up super-early to head to the check-in desk. I do this regularly, and I love the stress-free approach it gives me. I have stayed at many of the hotels near Manchester Airport, and the peace of mind of knowing that I’m right where I need to be really starts my day off in the best fashion.

Another big tip for saving money is to look very closely at your board basis. You can save money in different ways depending on which option you go for.

airplane travellingFor example, if you book self catering, the price at the booking stage will be much lower, so perhaps if you’re struggling to find the cash to book your holiday without having to save up for longer, this is the better option. The downside of this however is that you will have to budget for food and drink whilst you’re away, but if you have longer to save up after you’ve booked, this is a possibility.

On the other hand, you could book all inclusive, and yes, the cost at booking is higher, but you don’t have to think about food and drink whilst you’re there, so really it could work out cheaper in the long run.

I guess it depends really on how much money you have available at the booking stage, so which board basis you go for really depends on your circumstances.

Of course, the choices don’t end here, because you can pick a halfway measure, such as bed and breakfast, half board, or full board.

Personally, I would go for self catering, because I prefer the freedom of being able to go out and find somewhere to eat every night that is different, and I find all inclusive a little too restrictive for me. If you’re travelling as a family however, all inclusive has many advantages.

Which will you choose?

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