The Mexican Getaway

Most people find themselves in a crisis zone when they reach the dreaded thirties era of their lives. I’m no different. That’s how I decided to pack my bags and travel to Mexico. I wanted to do something. I wanted to feel young again. Mexico seemed to have the ability to take my mind of my problems (At least I felt as if it was a problem. My friends may not agree with me).

I was even considering moving there. I had learned a bit of Spanish while in school, but none of it seemed to stick. I knew just about enough Spanish to recognize it when I heard it. So I started to attack the issue like any modern day girl would. I went to google, and searched ‘Learn Spanish Chicago’. There were a few results, but one really stood out to me, and I decided to give it a try. They had plenty of different options available, from group events, classes, to individualized tutoring. Next thing you know I was speaking enough Spanish to feel confident for the trip. I packed my bags and off I went.

pyramidI made my way down the streets of Mexico. I tasted the local food and became a fan of Mexican cuisine. I saw the famous sites that Mexico had to offer. Chichen Itza, Malecon, Zocalo, the Arch… I saw it all. I lazed around on the beaches and did my share of partying. It was a perfect getaway from the humdrum life that I had found myself spiraling into. It felt great. Something however was still missing. A part of me was still not satisfied. I needed more and I did not know what I was looking for. Still I decided to ‘wing it’ as the younger generation is apt to say! (Did I say younger generation? God! I feel old).

I was relaxing on the beaches of Cancun when I saw a girl pass by. I had seen her at the hotel before. She smiled and waved at me. I responded in kind. After taking a dip in the sea, she came over and spread her blanket out next to mine. It was then that I got to know her. Her name was Christina. She had a similar mid-life crisis and had reached Cancun in order to get in touch with her inner self. Now she was just plain bored.

I had a few more days left in Cancun and so I proposed an idea. I asked Christina whether she was interested in browsing through the Cancun markets the next day. Much to my surprise she seemed excited at the offer. That’s how I found myself wandering through the exotic Mexican markets with my new friend. As we were wandering through the markets Christina was having a hard time communicating with the vendors, and I was translating for her. You cannot believe how proud I was of myself. I had never been that good with languages, and here I was a translator. This is when I realized that life was not so boring after all. I found a new passion and I was loving it.

the-seaThat’s when I decided that I was definitely going to stick around for a while. The beautiful beaches, friendly people, and tasty food, was all fine and dandy, but for the first time in a while I felt that I was actually growing in my life. I was so thankful of the decision I had made to hire a Chicago Spanish teacher. Who would have thought that the simple decision to learn a new language could change my life so much? Well I can’t say that I will be here forever. As for right now, I am feeling just fine.


Incidentally, I still keep in touch with Christina. She jokingly refers to me as her Spanish translator from Cancun. 😉

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