Yoga with the horse

These are some friends of mine from Europe, who recently had a great time in one of my favorite countries Latvia.

Adventure RideWe are a couple from Switzerland and have been riding a horse quite a lot. It was great to see for first time how horse is watching yoga exercises.

We were looking for horseback vacations and virtually ran into an interesting place for our goal. Equestrian holidays in Latvia. We have never been there before and this sounds like a good chance to explore the country. We checked the web page and it looks good. The company offers many different routes and we chose to go on the beach as we don’t have it in Switzerland.

We arrived and were picked up at the airport and brought directly to the hotel which was very nice, not in Riga, but in Adazi. Somehow we met in the hotel a German man who has arrived to learn riding a horse through the same company we arrived for horseback vacations. He is here for a week of intense training.

Next day we start to ride local trails on horseback. Thrilling feeling about what to expect from riding in this country.

First day we ride in the forest around the stables for few hours after an excursion in stables. They own about 10 horses and host 10 more. I don’t remember exact numbers. We are introduced to their horses, their habits and feeding (they eat even exotic fruits) and to the horses we are going to ride. I am given Markus. Considerably big half male. My husband has got Mars. Almost a male with huge hooves comparing to the size of himself. Though he is big to the withers, he is not as massive as horses for agriculture.

We put saddles on our horses and went through the beautiful forest of Adazu locality. To the wild lakes where it is forbidden to swim and through the forest trails with trotting and galloping. Horses are beautiful and so comfortable to ride. Very pleasant horses – calm and well tamed.

We felt like in real holidays – everything was organized so well. Next day we were going somewhere else to ride. We were picked up and brought to some forest. When we reach the place, the view was amazing! We see our horses – 3 altogether including the horse of our instructor which is very nice and friendly girl by the way. We see 1 person who is left with horses doing yoga! And horses watching her.

And then… something happened. My Markus entangled somehow and fell down. They Horse riding Latviachecked him and he has a scratch on ankle of the rear left leg, but not very hard. He is even not limping, though they decided to switch to another horse just in case and let Markus have a time for healing the leg.

Not too long and we got the change. And I got now Arabeska to ride. This is intriguing as I have told before that she uses to kick other horses. She is a big mare. Lets see – I am not a beginner, it doesn’t bother me much, though I will be careful.

Riding in LatviaSo we started to ride. Lots of forests and lots of trotting and cantering. Weather was perfect for riding. Forests nice, clean and beautiful. And there was no problem with Arabeska – very nice horse – very well tamed also and calm, didn’t even try to kick anybody. Very friendly towards me.

As we came out of forest and reached meadows, it was time for lunch. Horses were tied, except for instructor’s horse which wanders around freely. And the picnic „table” was ready for us to eat. We got some tasty salad and delicious cheese cake in dessert. We asked that girl to teach us some yoga after the picnic. And she did. I think her name was Agnes, but I am not riding latvia

After our picnic they fed horses and we moved on over the meadows. Surroundings are beautiful.

And then back into forest with hills and hollows. In the end of that day we finished at the same place where we started and were brought back to the hotel. A pleasant day. They have thought of details in organization of the trail ride and picnic. That was really nice day. Horses are very good, trails are with very good surface for trotting and cantering, organization was also very well done.

Horse riding EuropeSo… the next and a last day out of 3 is meant to ride at the beach. That must be most beautiful ride so far.

And we are picked up again from the same hotel and brought to the starting point. We appear to be in the forest again (forests are everywhere). Horses are saddled, bridle is put on, people with cameras hanging around (kidding – they are the same organizers of horseback vacations). They promised to e-mail pictures to us (and kept the promise). So – lets go riding. Through the forestry trail we move on. The trail is more sandy than yesterday’s trails (we can notice proximity of the sea).IMG_3650

And there it is! Yes! Beautiful sandy beach – wide and spacious.

Feeling of freedom and happiness to ride on such a remote beach. To catch the wind and scud along with a sea. So we rode till it was the time for lovely picnic again. This time there was no yoga girl with us, and the place was different – with a view on the sea, in between pine trees. Lovely.

IMG_3722And the meal was excellent.

And the further ride – even more excellent. With horses into the sea, letting them play with water and enjoying time together.

Days are long in this part of the world and part of the year, but it feels like our lovely ride is going to be finished.

Then we returned to the starting point of today’s ride where we are met by yoga girl.Riding in the sea Latvia

We start to set off all harness and we are brought back to our hotel. Was it a nice ride? Is it a question? It was a perfect ride, short trip, but brilliant horseback vacations.

I would suggest to everyone to experience this. You can choose the route which suits you as best.


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