5 Fun-Filled Weekend Activities for Youth Groups

There is almost nothing more exciting in the life of a teen than going away with a group of friends for a weekend trip. From school clubs to church youth groups, you can count on your son or daughter going away at least four or five times a year for that eagerly-anticipated weekend where they will join their friends on day or overnight trips where no adults are allowed, except chaperones that is! So, what is it that teens love to do so much on these weekend getaways? These 5 fun-filled activities top the list.

biking1. Cross Country Biking Events

One of the most exciting weekend trips for youth groups is one where they get to spend time biking on rougher terrain. As the only form of mountain biking now recognized as an Olympic sport, teens love going cross-country mountain biking on the Zion National Park trails in Utah. Sometimes groups go on a day trip and other times they begin their weekend early on a Friday, not getting back until late Sunday afternoon, having camped two nights on the trail.

2. Water Parks in Summer Months

Of all the activities youth groups love, this is really the only one that can be enjoyed either during the summer months or in warmer climates to the south such as in Southern California or South Florida. Among the most popular water parks are the Six Flags parks scattered around the country, and when they go in a group, teens get a great price for a day of fun in the sun.

3. Themed Amusement Parks

Then there are themed amusement parks which appeal to kids of all ages but mostly to teens who adore the dare-devil rides that get the adrenaline going and the heart pumping as each ride is higher and faster than the one before. Just like when spending a day at a water park, themed amusement parks are much cheaper because they often have group packages. Many youth groups take a two-day package because really, it’s impossible to get it all in in just one day.hiking

4. Hiking Mountain Trails

Some teens aren’t into biking so they really prefer hiking those mountain trails. Again, they typically won’t get the entire trail in within a single day, so they backpack a popup tent and off they go. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a mountain trail but teens should always have an experienced camper as their chaperone because there will be no amenities where they stop to pitch tent. Their adult chaperone should also be well versed in first-aid because little mishaps are bound to happen, let alone an outbreak of poison ivy.

5. Primitive Camping Trips

Whether trekking a mountain trail or simply out (way out!) into the woods, primitive camping is something every teen should do at least once in his or her lifetime for the sheer experience of it. This type of camping helps kids learn to rely more on themselves and less on technology. All in all, a really great way to teach survival skills while having tons of fun.

If you are an adult leader of a youth group, these five fun-filled activities top the list of what teens love to do when getting away from it all for the weekend. New to some of these? Not to worry, your teens will show you the ropes. Just be the responsible adult and all will be well.


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