A guide to getting the most out of your budget airline flight

When you book a flight with a budget airline, be it Easy Jet, Monarch, Jet 2, Ryanair, or any of the other low cost airlines these days, you are basically getting a no-frills service. This is no bad thing – it gets you from A to B safely, comfortably, and cheaply, what more could you want really?

Of course, there are a few ways you can maximize your comfort and enjoyment on a budget airline, just like any flight the world over.

Making your travel day a stress-free event is the first step to enjoying your entire travel experience, so you’re starting your day on an even foundation, not wanting to pull your hair out and feeling harassed. I find that booking a parking spot at the airport and driving there works for me, and it saves me money too when I book through ParkBCP. My recent deal for parking at Stansted certainly made my purse smile, and the stress-free approach to getting to the terminal door helped my travel day begin in the best possible way. If this sounds like something you’re interested in taking advantage of, certainly check out what’s available at your departure airport, as this is a nationwide service.

airplane-CabinBooking extra leg room could also be a perk to add on to your budget flight, giving you more comfort for the duration of your time in the air. Most airlines, budget or otherwise, give you plenty of leg room these days, but if you’re particularly tall then this could be a good option to increase your comfort. Additionally, booking your seat is another good go-to, because you can pick aisle or window, near the toilet, near the front, or near the back – if you have a preference then this way you know you’re guaranteed to be where you want to be.

Of course, you have the usual addition of an in-flight meal, and whether you decide to take this or not is a personal preference. I personally wouldn’t, simply because whenever I fly with a budget airline it’s usually short-haul, and I prefer to simply grab a snack in the airport and take it on the flight with me, saving money too. I’m picky with food, and no matter how much airline food improves, or which airline I choose, I still won’t eat it when I’m too excited about where I’m going!

With a budget airline flight you simply have to remember that you get what you paid for – a seat on a flight that will get you to wonderful destinations; throw in a few extras and you amp up the comfort and enjoyment.

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