A Relaxing Voyage from London to Paris

I like to consider myself the typical traveler, just that one of the things that sets me apart from your usual traveler is that I prefer to travel alone. In addition to my travels, I take time to blog about the sights and sounds of the scenic sites that I get to visit. This not only helps to recollect my thoughts, it also helps this girl share her experiences with the rest of the world. Recently I had the opportunity to travel from London to Paris. What’s so special about this given that I have already traveled between London and Paris before? Well, this time I opted for a more convenient, more frugal and certainly more eye-opening experience- traveling from London to Paris by bus. Not only was this the result of my glaring frugality, it was also an opportunity to kick back and relax after a long week.

Interior of IDBUSI got my tickets from iDBUS, a bus service provided by SNCF, one of the French railway companies. For less than 40 pounds, this was the perfect deal. On arrival at the bus station, I was warmly welcomed by the two bus drivers at hand to make sure that we arrived in Paris safely. One of the unique things I noticed about the iDBUS drivers is that they are bilingual, fluent in both English and French. This is certainly indicative of the company’s hospitality since it seeks to take care of visitors who may not be well versed in either of the languages. With my limited understanding of French, I found this to be very well thought-out.

I had my ticket checked before my luggage was taken and I was welcomed aboard iDBUS. The spacious coach was welcome relief especially because I had had a hectic week and all I wanted to do was to stretch and unwind. I settleBus trip London Parisd in my seat and stretched, wondering what lay ahead of me in Paris. The seats recline a little further back, and this made it easy for me to drift away. Add to this the comfort of my head wrap which I have continually modified to create a pillow during my travels, and it is pretty easy why I found this bus trip rather rejuvenating.
I woke up two hours into the journey when we stopped to take a break for half an hour. The crisp air, the starry midnight sky and the thoughts of Paris ahead of me were too beautiful to behold. After the break, we proceeded to immigration where all passengers had their passports collected, stamped and returned. And before I knew it I was in France.

For any claustrophobic travelers, this would be a good place to recline the seat and sleep. Seeing as there was still quite some distance to cover, I opted to charge my phone using the power outlets near my seat. I also needed to jot down a few notes for my blog, and what better way than to have free Wi-fi on board? I must have dozed off because when I woke up it was daylight. I took my luggage and walked to Bercy metro station, very eager to see what Paris had in store for this lone traveler as well as reminiscing a restful bus journey to the city of love.

By the way, here is the cute teleport video that caught my attention, and gave me the idea in the first place.

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