Algon Kothi, My Journey to Amristar, India

“Hey driver stop there, I am alighting here”, I asked the driver who was driving so fast. He was so inquisitive .From the look of things; he had never been to Europe. Asking me lots of questions about where I was coming from and what I came to do in Amrister (in Punjab state, India). I thought. That is none of his business who is he to ask me those questions. I quietened him by ignoring him. I gave him a hundred rupees and I told him to keep the change.

Hamandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib (also known as ...I alighted and wow! It was refreshing being in a country with a very different culture from what I used to. I had never been to Punjab before, even though I really love traveling. The people were all so happy and full of life. They were going on with their usual lives.

It was late in the evening and so I reached for my handbag. Alas! I had forgotten my handbag in the taxi cab I was in. I had no money to book for a hotel room. I was devastated as I was new no one at that place. I went and sat at a nearby shop and the owner probed me to tell him what was wrong, I explained everything to him everything, the events of the day and what had transpired. He was really touched and he offered me accommodation for the night, so that we can go the following day to look for the taxi man. I felt relieved and afraid at the same time.

After closing the shop, we went to his home which was located at Algon Kothi.Reciting of hymns, throughout the journey crea... I had never heard of the name before. Even though it was dark, I was able to see people going on with their simple lives as normal. His family welcomed me warmly, I told them what happened and they really sympathized with me. Thanks to them I was able to have a good night’s sleep. The following day, we went to the taxi man and luckily we found him. He gave us my handbag. I was really glad to have it back. I checked and everything was intact. The eldest daughter who was with me decided to show me around the place.

The city has a lot of historical sites also termed as gurdwaras. The sarocar was the one that interested me most and it is among the largest Sikh holy tanks. There is also the Bir Baba Buddha sahid ji which is a shrine that honors and commemorates Baba Buddha. There were also other attractions like Goindwal Sahib, Khadur Sahib, mohanpur, harike wetland and not forgetting the bird sanctuary.I was amazed at what the city holds.

Thanks to that girl and her family, I was able to view more than I had anticipated. The worst thing turned out to be good eventually.We had to part ways, so that I could go to the next destination.

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