Basking in the glory of Tel-Aviv’s sunshine

They say that traveling around the world opens up one’s soul. While I am not entirely sure about that, what I can say is that if you want to peek into your soul, a trip to Tel-Aviv might just help you with it.

Tel Aviv SunAt first sight, it might not ooze the aura of Rome or Paris, but after a while I began to feel a sense of belonging while walking around the streets and discovering the perfect amalgamation of old-fashioned markets and modern-styled coffee shops.

After stepping out of the airport following a couple of connecting flights to Tel Aviv, I took a taxi and went straight to my hotel. I gazed out through the window of the taxi and saw how the streets were packed with people of all ethnicities coexisting in peace and going on about their daily lives.

Tel Aviv citySince I am a foodie and love (more than) a bite of a delicacy coalesced with intricate flavors, I took to the food culture of Tel Aviv like a duck takes to water. The highly-famous Onza restaurant, in particular, blew me away with its culinary expertise.

I ordered the Shawarma dinner – something I was recommended by a couple of friends who had been there – and the moment my tongue tasted it, I felt something I rarely feel whilst visiting a place: home… I wanted to stay.

As a foodie, it was really difficult for me to keep myself in check because of the array of items Tel-Aviv had in store, especially the Mediterranean cuisine. In fact, most of my budget for my trip to Tel-Aviv were spent towards filling my stomach!

Tel Aviv CoastWhen I wasn’t busy munching my way through the heavenly dishes and wandering around the street without a care in the world – that’s what walking across the city does to you, you forget your worries – I passed my time in the beach that was approximately 10 kilometers from my hotel.

The beaches are like a gateway to paradise. I spent a couple of sunsets lying on the soft sand while basking in the rays of the sun hiding in the bosoms of the horizon.

You see, I am not much of a believer, but when you look at something at spectacular as that, you wonder as to how all of this could have been made without an artist weaving the brushes.

Then comes the nightlife of Tel-Aviv. If I had to describe the nightlife in one word, it would be: electrifying. Tel-Aviv is very relaxed about this aspect as people enjoy their lives the way they want, without too much interruption from the authorities.

Indeed, the sexual freedom in Tel-Aviv is perhaps among the best in the world as the place is really open about homosexuality, unlike many of its neighboring countries.

Overall, I found the experience enlightening. I wasn’t expecting much before I went there, but I could find myself feeling a bit sad when departing the city – almost as though I was leaving a part of me there. The food, the heritage, the openness of the culture… all of it was just amazing and I really hope that I come back here someday and see myself enjoying the sunset while gorging down some of the best meals to be ever made my humans.

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