Best Cycling Holiday Destinations

A cycling holiday can be the most flexible adventure around. Any age, any level of fitness, any level of luxury from tent to 5 star hotel, can be accommodated. The freedom of two wheels can take you anywhere. Here’s a few of our favourite suggestions.

The Scottish National Cycle Network (NCN) is truly a thing of beauty! If you want to stay in the UK this Summer Scotland is the obvious choice for cyclists, with real cycle path coverage across a massive variety of terrains and scenery. Cycle maps and guides to popular routes are easily available and you can follow routes that will take you to the heart of Edinburgh, or to the wilds of the Highlands. Or over by ferry to one of the tiny surrounding islands; Fair Isle is small, flat, and pretty well treeless, so an easy ride, for example. Scotland can be quite sparsely populated in parts so unless you are cycle-camping, or want to try out the bothys, plan and book accommodation in advance.

europe cyclingEurope
A cycle tour around Europe has the obvious benefit that you are covering a single uninterrupted landmass for the main part so can get some real distances under your belt if you choose to. But it’s worth considering a smaller, more localised holiday too. I couldn’t imagine travelling with my bike to Europe without visiting Paris, a place always romantically linked to bicycles- certainly in my mind. The French cycle ways system is extensive and passes through Paris allowing you to cycle dreamily along the banks of L’Ourcq canal. Or for the hardier cyclist, perhaps try a trip into the Alps for the sheer drama of the scenery.

USA cyclingUSA
For some reason people don’t seem to immediately think of the US when planning cycling trips, but there are a lot of stunning areas that can really be seen to best advantage from the saddle. There are a selection of American cycle tour operators who can put the whole package together for you if you like, but the prevalence of small hotels and motels makes it pretty straightforward to create your own bespoke tour. For two very different options maybe look at touring through Maine in the Autumn when the Fall Foliage tours will be running, or consider Alaska at any time of year; a little more challenging than the moderate conditions in Maine, but spectacular.
cycling himilayas
If you want to take on the adventure of a lifetime then the cross Himalayas trip ticks every box for the stronger cyclist. We’d have to recommend looking out for one of the specialist cycle holiday companies who can arrange guided cycling tours. However experienced a cyclist you are, and however good your travel insurance package, there are some routes that really shouldn’t be tackled without an excellent back-up team and this route would definitely fall in to that category. But if what you want is something out of this world, you won’t get better- or more breathtaking- than this.



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