Best of Friends: Tips for Traveling with Friends

Traveling is incredible. Traveling with friends is even more incredible – most of the time. Best friends can add to your adventure, or they can completely ruin it, making you wish you’d never invited them along for the journey.

So how do you make sure your next trip with friends is a resounding success?

Here are some top tips for traveling with friends:Traveling with friends

  1. Establish What Everyone Wants

Before you book your vacation, make sure you’ve thoroughly discussed what you want from the vacation. Just because you all agree that you want to go to Spain, it doesn’t mean you’re thinking about doing the same thing. Granted, both of you may be talking about sightseeing and sunbathing, but if you’re thinking about sunbathing 90% of the time and they’re thinking the opposite, you’re going to face conflict straight away.

  1. Find Out How Everyone Wants to Travel

Just like the above, it’s important to establish how everyone prefers to travel. Some may love hopping on and off public transport while others might want the freedom of traveling around in a rental car. Figuring this out before you book anything will help reduce any conflicts when you’re there.

  1. Plan Separate Activities

Just because you’re all traveling together, it doesn’t mean you need to spend all day every day together. In fact, it’s probably best to arrange separate activities so you can do your own thing some of the time. This doesn’t have to be every day, but every couple of days, as it’ll provide you with something to talk about and gives you time to do your own thing.friends together

  1. Be as Flexible as You Can

There are, of course, going to be some compromises that you need to make. And the issue with traveling with friends is the degree of compromise isn’t always as clear-cut as it may be with your spouse. Equally, it’s highly likely someone will be a fussy eater, will be pickier about accommodations, and maybe tighter with their finances.

Therefore, if you can make some compromises – do. Although, even though being flexible is great, don’t forget to stand your ground when you need to.

  1. Allow Everyone Some Personal Time

Everyone will need a bit of “me” time, especially when you’re traveling around as a group. This doesn’t mean you’re being anti-social, it just means you need some time to collect your thoughts, recharge your batteries, and do something you enjoy. For example, hotels like JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort are ideal for relaxing and unwinding, and even though you’re all in the same place, you’re all free to do what you find soothing, e.g. having a spa treatment or playing golf.

  1. Try Not to Focus on Pennies

Money tends to be one of the most common subjects friends argue over, which is why it’s important you don’t get fixated on a few dollars here and there. This will only ruin your trip, and if the argument escalates, it could affect your friendship too. Unless someone is knowingly trying to pay less or is taking you all for a ride, let other issues slide.

The key to enjoying a vacation with friends is to plan ahead, communicate thoroughly, and be as flexible as possible. By understanding what each person enjoys and wants to do, you should be able to create compromises that ensure your trip runs smoothly and strengthens your friendship.

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