Camping the National Parks of Canada: Sites, Classes and Even Red Chairs

A growing number of people are choosing camping holidays over traditional hotel vacations as they offer a number of advantages to the more adventurous traveller. As well as being more affordable, campsites are situated in the most beautiful areas surrounded by forests, lakes, mountains and wildlife reserves. Many campsites are located within national parks meaning campers can wake up to breath-taking views and a variety of birds, mammals and different plant species. Camping holidays also teach children valuable skills such as teamwork, patience and resourcefulness as well as useful techniques such as cooking outdoors and how to put up a tent. Parks Canada provides a number of resources to help families embrace camping holidays and discover some of the most beautiful destinations Canada has to offer.

Learn to Camp

Camping can be a daunting prospect for those that have never experienced it. Knowing what to pack, where to pitch a tent and how to prepare meals outdoors requires a little skill and experience to ensure a successful and enjoyable holiday. Parks Canada have attempted to take the confusion out of camping by offering camping lessons to families that wish to spend a night in the great outdoors. Workshops are hosted across Canada in different national parks that teach basic camping skills along with safety guidelines.

Canada Park Red ChairRed Chairs

To highlight places of exceptional beauty within Canada, Parks Canada have placed a number of red chairs in National Parks that offer guests the opportunity to sit down and relax while taking in some of the most stunning views the country has to offer. The chairs are created from recycled plastic and are part of a program to encourage more people to visit national parks in Canada. Most parks provide maps that mark the locations of the chairs to make it easier for guests to find them and enjoy the surrounding nature.

National Parks of Canada

The national parks of Canada contain some of the most beautiful natural landscapes that the world has to offer. Due to Canada’s vast size, a car is essential to explore the many national parks it has to offer, and an Atlantic Chrysler dealership can help you find an affordable deal. Banff National Park was one of the first areas to become a designated national park in Canada and boasts some of the most incredible mountain landscapes in the world as well as glacial lakes, beaches, and thick, green forests. Wapusk National Park is one of only a handful of places on earth that guests can catch a glimpse of polar bears in their natural habitat. Spending a camping holiday surrounded by stunning natural panoramas is a wonderful way to help children get in touch with nature. According to a study conducted by Plymouth University in the UK, children that go on camping holidays are happier, healthier and achieve better grades.

CampingPreparation is the key to an enjoyable camping holiday, and camping stores offer hundreds of useful gadgets that can make outdoor life more pleasurable. Solar powered lights, gas grills and mosquito and insect repellents are all essential items that will help make your camping holiday one of the best family vacations you could ever wish for.


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