Floating Islands of Loktak in Manipur, India

I recently met up with my friend Karrie, who had taken a month off of work to go relax, she had planned all along to go hangout and relax in some of the Boutique Hotels in Miami, hanging out by the pool, walking the beaches and of course shopping. Well after chatting  about some of my adventures via skype, I finally convinced her to tickle her adventurous side and come visit, Besides,, she goes to Miami almost every year.. 😉

After she arrived, we relaxed for a couple of days for her to catch up on the jet lag, and then we were off on a trip to Imphal. My exhilaration knew no boundaries because I had read a lot about the spellbinding beauty of floating islands of Loktak Manipur, India. Loktak lake is world-renowned because it is the biggest fresh water body in North-East India. The floating Island of this lake is well-known for its bio-diversity. Let us have a quick look at what had made me think of visiting this place time and again.

loktak lakeThe magnificent lake is located just 48 kms from Impal (Capital of Manipur). This mellifluous stretch of the water body covers the total area of about 312 square meters and appear as a miniature island ocean. To see the lotus pads floating all through the lake is a mesmerizing experience indeed. No wonder that this unique paradise is famous among the tourists world-wide.

Phumids are a group of beautiful floating islands that are found exclusively in the Loktak lake. These islands cover a sizable area of the lake and a must visit for the tourists that love biodiversity. Phumidis are so popular because It has the world’s largest floating park: Keibul Lamjao National Park. I love to see animal life and when I came to know that Phumidis is popular manipur indiacalled as the land of Sangai, a dancing deer (which has been declared as an endangered specie by International Union). That apart, the beauty of this island is captivating as a large number of animal and bird species are found here.

Phumids are occupied by the localities who construct their huts there and make their living by fishing. Fishermen selling past the islands are seen from a guest house on Sendra Island. This guest house normally have attached cafeteria and provide the facilities to view the charisma of the floating islands. Visitors to these guest houses can avail the facility of boating and other water sports.

Small hilltop is the bestLoktak_lake_Manipur place to view the beauty of Loktak and its islands. From the hill top, you would be able to take a glance of the beautiful lake and the adjoining hills that enhance its beauty further. The beautiful islands protruding out of the lake appear to be like hummocks from the hill top.

In short, Tranquility of the Loktak, the charismatic beauty of the hills surrounding the lake and the biodiversity of floating islands of Loktak Manipur, India had enthralled me so much that I look forward to visit there again.



  1. Reading your lines made me feel like standing on the Sendra Hill and watching the beauty of the Loktak lake amidst the soothing breeze. I was born and brought up in Manipur, got my higher education in Uttar Pradesh and currently working in Shenyang, China. I was surfing the net to know something about my home town. I am lucky that I got the chance to read your poetic lines. Just I wanted to say ‘thank you, Thagatchari (in Manipuri)’.

  2. Excellent article, love the Floating Islands . I definitely love this website.
    Continue the good work!

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