Getting Married Abroad: Could it be the right choice for you?

Deciding to get married is a big step. When my boyfriend, now husband, proposed I was genuinely surprised. I know that is what every girl says, but I really was. However, after an hour of two of crying and calling everyone I knew, it started to set in. I was getting married! We had always discussed the possibility that we would end up together, but a part of me never put the two together. But nevertheless, I was truly delighted and extremely excited to start planning!

Once we started to plan our wedding, it became abundantly clear that neither of us wanted the big fancy do. Yes, we wanted to celebrate, but we did not want the extra hassle. After some deliberation, we both agreed that due to our extreme love of the sun and keeping on the theme of a small wedding, that we would simply marry abroad. Now, I have no regrets about this decision, but there were some obstacles to overcome.

Wedding AbroadThe first and possibly most important issue to consider when marrying abroad is that not everyone will come. If you get married in your hometown, then there is a good chance that every relative and friend of a friend will manage to be there. But if, like us, you choose to get married somewhere a little more exotic, not everyone has the luxury of taking a vacation whenever they feel like it. Dealing with the idea that I would not have everyone I knew there was hard to start with, but we had a large gathering when we got home, where everyone was welcome. It was a lot simpler though than a full blown wedding would have been.

The next piece of advice I would give to anyone considering this is to get help. It took me a good few months to realize that I was going to need someone who understood the area and the ins and outs of planning a wedding. Our wedding coordinator was a dream and our day would not have been as amazing if she did not step in when she did. Every small detail was dealt with perfectly and she was very in tune with my vision for the entire day.

marriage on the beachMarrying abroad meant that our wardrobe had to be a little different. I chose the classic knee-length dress and walked barefoot and my two bridesmaids did the same. Our hair and makeup girls were amazing though. Although we all felt a bit less fancy than a bride and her bridesmaids normally would, the hair and makeup girls made us feel extra special. Hiring them was an excellent idea and I would really recommend it. They took a casual beach look, and made me feel like a princess. I could not have done this on my own. I was living the life of my dream.

Marrying abroad was a great choice for me and I would recommend it to anyone. The thing I would say is go into it with a stronger idea than I did. Asking for help and hiring some people who know what they are doing will help a lot. By spending that extra money and handing your trust to the experts, you will inevitably save yourself a lot of unwanted hassle.

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