The last thing people want after travelling across the world is to land and find they have been short-changed on their accommodation plans. Plus when you are tired, you just want a nice place to lie down and take a much-needed rest. This can be a dirty room or a noisy house or anything else that makes your guest uncomfortable.

Make your guests feel at homeWhether you are hosting a relative or a friend staying over for a few days or you an Airbnb host, you want you visitors to feel comfortable and welcomed at your home.

Here are tips to make your guests feel at home.

Clean your house

This seems obvious but it would surprise you how many visitors complain about the hygiene of the house they stayed at. Take time before your guests arrives to make sure your house is in the best condition.Clean your house to make it habitable for your guests.

Empty your garbage can which may start producing unpleasant smells when left for long and clear your kitchen sink of any dirty dishes. You want to give the best impression to your guest.

You should also dust your furniture and the walls and mop the floors. Not everyone can have the dust tolerance that you have and some guest might even respiratory conditions like asthma which may be triggered in a dusty environment.

Neither of you wants a medical emergency.

Beautiful landscapeLandscaping

Landscaping creates a welcoming ambience around your house as well as a relaxing atmosphere in which your guests feel relaxed and at home.

You don’t to get lavish landscaping features like a water fountain and other expensive ideas, you just have to know how to make what you have work for you.

Trimming and shaping your hedges and flowers goes a long way in improving the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as improving your home security.

If you are a DIY person and you consider hiring a landscaper an unnecessary expense, get the right tools for your landscaping work. Working with the wrong tools will make the whole design look shabby and hurriedly done. A Lawn Mower For Hills will make your grass cover look even if your home is on an uneven terrain.

Fresh supplies

Your towels and bedding should be clean and fresh. No one likes to sleep under bed sheets with stains and reeking of body sweat.

Fresh beddingDepending on the duration of their stay, you should have enough bed sheets to change or make arrangements to have them washed every two mornings.

It is also important that your guests have their own set of toiletries since non-family members aren’t all that keen on sharing soaps and shower gels.


Don’t be all over your guests business. Give them their personal space. It’s plainly rude and uncouth to snoop on your guest’s luggage when they step out of the house. In fact, you shouldn’t step into their bedroom for the duration of their stay unless it’s for housekeeping duties.

Do not also force your guests to fit into your plans. If they want to accompany you to your social functions, fine. Don’t push it if they are uninterested. No everyone is into trivia nights.

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