How to embrace new cultures and experiences

If you’re a bit of culture vulture, then you’ll always be looking out for new places to explore or new experiences to enjoy. You can find them on your doorstep, or you can hop on a train or plane to find something fresh and exciting. Here are some ways to satisfy those life-experience cravings.

CultureCheck out local listings

If you like to make the most of your weekends away from the office, and you don’t want to travel far, then check out what’s going on in your local area. The best way to do this is to browse the net and look for what’son guides. There is also a variety of apps out there to give you some ideas. Whether it’s testing your teamwork skills in an ‘escape room,’ or trying your hand at a new sport, have a look at what’s happening in your town and city. You never know, you may even find a new activity that you take up for the longer term.

city scapeOf course, you should also look out to see what’s happening on the music scene at all your local venues. There might be a pop or rock event at a local club or a festival. Check out the concert schedule at your local church or cathedral as well. Enjoying live music can be a truly memorable experience.

Go away for the weekend

If you’re looking for a new cultural experience, then why not do some research on new and exotic locations you’ve never been to before and find somewhere perfect to go for the weekend. It could be within the country, or you could cross borders. Visiting a city or community for the first time can be an eye-opening experience, with plenty of things happening to keep your sense of adventure satisfied. Put together a shortlist of potential destinations and do some reading on the internet or in guidebooks to see what’s on offer. You may want to look for arts events, museums, architecture. Or maybe you’re a foodie hunting down traditional gastronomic delights! Do your homework with places to stay too, as you can often find some quirky places to put your head down for the night.

experience travelBook a trip of a lifetime

If you’re after more than a weekend away, then why not plan one of those longer amazing trips you’ve been longing. If you’re looking for a change of culture, there’s nothing better than jumping on a plane and heading to a different part of the world. Africa and Asia, for example, can provide feasts for the senses. Whether you’re after the busy city life of Tokyo, or up for a safari in the Maasai Mara, there’s no shortage of far-flung places to visit. If you have a country in mind but are unsure how to get around all the major sights, then think about booking a guided trip.You can get itineraries ranging from one or two weeks to longer.

Remember, if you go on one of these amazing trips, take lots of photos and videos to share on social media so your friends and family can get a taste of it all too!

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