How to survive an Orlando flight with the kids

You’re taking children on a flight to Orlando, you’re expecting fun and plenty of laughs in the sunshine, but you have to endure the getting from A to B hell that is sure to ensue.

It will be a trauma to some degree, that is for sure, but you can survive it, and what’s more, you might even enjoy it!

English: Orlando Skyline at nightThe key is organization, and of course keeping calm. If you can cut out some of the travel time before you go, then you will be in a better position, and the kids will be a hell of a lot less over-tired and stressed out before they even arrive at the airport. A good way to do this is to shun the idea of a public transport and taxis to get to the airport, and instead drive yourself. I did this recently and it was a huge success. I booked Gatwick parking with Holiday Extras, and took my sweet time getting to the airport, stopping a couple of times on the way for added holiday fun. This also has the added bonus of saving money, which is always welcome!

Whilst we’re on the subject of saving money, when you’re at the initial booking stage of your holiday, it’s important to get the best deal. You’re bound to spend a decent amount on your Florida jaunt, so if you can save a little at this stage, you’ll be laughing a lot easier during your break. There are plentiful cheap flights to Orlando if you have the patience to look, so dedicate some time to this and you’ll be much happier and in pocket as a result.

OrlandoIt might be worth spending a little on keeping your kids occupied during the flight too. If you have an iPad or other kind of tablet, make sure it’s charged, and consider buying a mobile charger, to stop what can be a life-saver piece of equipment from dying halfway across the Atlantic. Load up your tablet with games, books, music and films, and keep it handy in your hand luggage. This is the best possible invention for travel, and means you have a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

Try and avoid too may sugary drinks and sweets, and instead stick to juice, water and fruit if at all possible. At the airport I always think it’s a good idea to try and have a sit down meal as a family, because let’s face it, airline food has come on a long way over recent years, but it’s still not up there with home cooked or restaurant food. Having a sit down meal also instils a bit of normality and routine into the day

You’re not going to avoid tantrums, over-excitement and tiredness completely but you can reduce it by planning ahead and staying calm in the event of a wobble!


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