Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Well it sure has been a beautiful winter. I have been gallivanting about in south east Asia. The weather is great, the people are great, and the food is simply quite awesome.

I have even adjusted to the temperature here. now when the mercury in the thermometer falls below 24 Celsius I find myself a bit chilly. Currently the temperatures have risen and now it is in the upper 30’s and sometimes hitting low 40’s . For me the heat hear is quite comfortable, and nothing like it would feel like if I was in northern Europe with these type of temperature. There I am sure I would be suffocating.

Ok, to get on with the post, I am constantly getting asked how am I able to travel and live the fairy tale life that I do. I guess it all boils down to one thing. Perseverance. I am absolutely determined to live this lifestyle. and it is not as difficult as one would think, over time I have come to realize that my assets (cars and real estate) are more like encumbrances then assets. they are just headaches. I try to make it back to my home in europe at least once per year to deal with all of the headaches of owning property, and every year I realize more and more that this is not what I want.

Comfort ZoneI can easily say that my cost of living in Chiang Mai is much less then what I need to send home every month in order to cover a mortgage, taxes, registration fees and maintenance. I know we have been raised to believe that accumulating these assets is the conventional way of providing for your future. You know ,, The old story of the Tortuous and the Hare ( The turtle and bunny) We are all taught as children that the bunny hops around enjoying his life, while the turtle slowly makes it straight to the finish line. Thus the turtle is the winner. Well after years of being the turtle I am here to tell you that the Bunny was the winner.

Life is so short, there are so many things to see and enjoy on this planet, Drop what your doing and just do it.. The universe will provide,,, I know that sounds like some hippy mumbo jumbo ,,, but the fact of the matter is how I am able to afford my life style is that I just went out and did it, and opportunities constantly fell in my lap. There are so many people that I have met on my travels that not only have the same opinion, but have also had ideas that have helped me along my journey, now I am not supper successful by the conventional thought of the term, But I am super successful in that I am living the life of my dreams, I do not make a lot of money, but I am rich beyond that which I could ever imagine. In that I am riding on a euphoria of excitement, and every day that passes it only gets better and better.

Trust YourselfThis is not just a passing phase of hippydome, I am constantly learning new things, about people, emotions, character, politics, geography, languages etc.. that will always be useful no matter what I do in my life, even if I go back into business. I have learned more in the last few years of travel, then I ever did in school or university. And although with my current contacts I am constantly being presented with many great business opportunities, I doubt that I will ever get back into business. Don’t get me wrong, I love the business world, I also love Snow,, but about 2 weeks per year is enough for me.

If your worried about what life will bring you, Don’t . Life is waiting to give you all the opportunities the world has to offer,, all you need to do is buy the ticket and wing it..Next thing you know you will be schooled in the best university that life has to offer..A University full of constant Awe and Amazement.

There’s a whole world for you out there,, Don’t Settle……

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