London To NewYork, A fun Little Journey

After spending a great week in London, with my local friends. we decided to take a short trip to New York. My friend had found a great deal on tickets, So we decided, what the heck,,, let’s go for it.. We had planned on doing some shopping in the states, so we decided it would be best to drive to the airport.. Besides I am not a big fan of public transport. We headed out mid afternoon, and easily drove directly to our parking space, where we had prebooked airport parking with ParkBCP . Wow, what a great idea that was, quick easy and stress free. We rushed through all of the typical airport hassles, security, check-in etc… Had a quick drink, and next thing you know, we were on the plan off to our big adventure.

Empire State Building as seen from Top of the Rock

About seven hours after leaving Heathrow (and the terminal bar) we touch down in New York for a long weekend of relaxation and retail therapy. Or so we thought, until those ideas of relaxation go out of the door at customs, where a border guard scrutinizes our passports as though they might contain something explosive before taking our fingerprints and photos. Enough to make you feel like a criminal for wanting to go on holiday!

Anyway, interrogation over… Now me and my friend are off in the iconic yellow taxi and head into New York, ready to fulfill our sex in the city fantasies, with a sprinkling of Ugly Betty. First stop, the West-inn, our hotel which is right around the corner from Times Square. Our room is on the 40th floor, huge, and has a view of the Empire State Building. The bed is wider than it is long, so no need for me and my friend to fight for space like we did when we were girls! Dinner in Soho is delicious, we ate in a very trendy looking restaurant with filament light-bulbs, white walls, stripped floorboards, people with beards etc. Emily is calorie counting and ends up eating Soya ice cream, which sounds disgusting but was actually delicious! Feeling jet lagged we head to bed early, going to sleep just late enough to see the skyline at night from our room.

English: View of Manhattan from a helicopter, ...

Up early we decide to see the sights, and take the first boat to Liberty Island. We’re the first off the boat and make it to the front of the queue to get in the statue! Couldn’t go to the top but still really interesting, then we stopped at Ellis Island on the way back to look at the immigrant center. All immigrants entering New York used to come through it, and it was really weird to think of how surreal it all must have been for them, having stepped off a boat, probably their first boat, onto an island with a big creepy building, right after going past a massive green statue with spikes coming out of its head! We grab some pizza from a classic New York pizza joint and then head to the top of the Rockefeller building in the afternoon.

Next day comes and we’re up early (despite the cocktails) and one thing is on our mind. Shopping. The pound is so strong at the moment that it would be silly of us not to take advantage of it, and so we head to Macy’s first thing. Lunch time is soon upon us and we have both somehow acquired several bulging bags of shopping, and this is before even making it to Bloomingdale’s. Macy’s is like Selfridge’s and Bloomingdale’s is more Harrods. Before we know it the day is done and we have one more day of shopping, whoops I mean sightseeing, before we have to go home. We manage to do both, going to the MOMA where we see the ‘Starry Night’ Van Gogh painting and also squeeze in some more shopping on Madison Avenue, in the few shops where we could afford anything!

Before we know it we’re somehow back on the plane, heading back to London. I am so glad that we had driven to the airport. We picked up our car in Heathrow parking terminal 5, and crammed in our piles of shopping and scoot conveniently back to my friends place. A wonderful weekend in a wonderful city!




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