Mystical India, Landing in New Delhi

Sufi Singers  I just got off the plane and have still yet to find a chance to settle down, everything is so exciting, I have been waiting to come here for a while now, and now that I am finally here I can hardly believe it.. So far no Delhi Belly. but  I have only been here for a couple of hours. I have brought my liquid potassium Iodide. and am very optimistic that the tummy will be ok..

The weather here is quite nice this time of year and I have goosebumps as I am sitting here planning out my next year of travels throughout India. First thing I will need to be looking around town to find a motorbike, as I am not a big fan of public transport, although it is incredibly cheap here. And of course what could be more exciting than traveling across the mystical world of India then behind the front fork of an old motorbike.bullet baba

In the next year stay tuned for some especially Mystical places such as a place where thousands of birds commit suicide every year… and from what I hear the locals don’t mind as this type of bird is a delicacy,, 😉 , There is a skeleton lake up into the Himalayas ,  A village that all of it’s inhabitants disappeared over night a few centuries ago and to this date, no one has been know to survive the night there. And in that same region is a haunted fort, which is considered the most haunted place in all of India.

Of course I wont be able to avoid some of the millions of temples, and palaces that this great country is known for, there is even a Bike temple,, ha,,, I will surely have to go and pay my respect to the Motorbike God,, 😉

Delhi main bazaar   I am just perusing the net now to try and make out some sort of plan,, although wondering aimlessly in a place like this will also fit the bill, as the culture of this region is to keep you mind open and that which is meant for you will come to you.

So between the floating Islands , Trees the size of a football stadium, villages that people disappear in, and the occasional wild animals elephants, tigers, and snakes… ( oh god,, I hope not to see any snakes…) I will try to get back here and write to you my latest exploits,,

So friends, Relatives, and all of my valued readers, check back often, keep up with my rss feed,, and I will do my best to post on social media..  Take care and thanks for following….



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