Packing for an Active Outdoor Vacation

An active vacation involving outdoor activities, particularly one for the whole family, can require a great deal of planning. Activities such as hiking, horseback riding, water sports and skiing are tons of fun for an active family and create lots of memories. These past times also require special equipment and accessories. These added items can make packing for an active outdoor vacation a bit of a challenge. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be packed and ready to head out for your great adventure with confidence.

Make a Plan Packing_for_a_trip

In order to save space in your luggage, as well as in your vehicle or on a plane, you’ll want to plan ahead very well, brainstorming and making lists of the essentials. You’ll also want to think about large items you might be better off renting even if you do have your own. Sometimes it’s simply not worth the hassle of trying to pack and transport large, bulky gear. Think about ways you can use layering or consolidating in order to pack fewer clothing items. Pack your backpack ahead of time in order to make sure everything fits and to get an idea of how heavy it will be for your outdoor activities such as hiking. This will allow you to leave the non-essentials at home and be more comfortable on your adventure.

Decide What’s Essential

Whittling down your list can be difficult when packing for any vacation. However, a fun-filled vacation with lots of outdoor activities and recreation like an Outdoor Traveler experience can make it even harder to decide what to leave behind. Let’s take a look at some things that you’ll absolutely need so you’ll be sure to include them. You can be selective once the essentials are packed. Consider clothing that layers, not only for mixing and matching in an attempt to save space in the suitcase, but also for versatility when you’re on-the-go facing different temperatures and various activity levels. Pants that are waterproof and wind resistant are great because they’re practical and lightweight. If they can convert into shorts, that’s even better. Shirts in breathable, synthetic fabrics are best for wicking off sweat.Almost packed
Tights or long underwear add an extra layer for high altitudes or early morning when the temperatures are chilly. Don’t forget multiple pairs of socks, rain gear, bandaids, Neosporin and insect repellent. Finally, choose your footwear wisely. A pair of lightweight hiking boots may be all that’s needed for your activities as they can handle a number of terrains. However, if you are headed somewhere rocky, consider something sturdier. Also, water shoes may be needed for kayaking or canoeing, along with a bathing suit.

Safety Stuff

Take a look at your agenda and be sure to bring safety gear specific for your needs. Examples include a whistle to scare off wildlife, water bottle, portable water filtration method if necessary, flashlight and batteries. Check in with area staff and experts for any other recommendations.

Preparing ahead of time and packing wisely will save you from inconvenience of being without needed supplies, as well as from lugging around more than you need. Have fun on your adventure.

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