Seeing India on a budget – is it possible?

India is renowned as being one of the most fascinating, vibrant, colorful and inexpensive countries to visit. There are so many famous sights, landmarks to visit, and cultures to experience. The food is known the whole world over but nothing tastes as it does in the country itself.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Deutsch: Taj Mahal im ...If you are thinking of taking a trip to India it is wise to plan carefully, with probably the most crucial aspect being that of finance. India is a relatively inexpensive land to explore, made cheaper once you have mastered the art of haggling. It is common practice, indeed expected, that the price you are quoted for any goods or service is purely a starting point. Competition for sales is extremely fierce and so developing a nose for the best price and holding your nerve can reap financial dividends.

There are so many wonderful sights to see and places to visit that India can provide you with a lifetime of vacations in just one visit. There is the chaotic madness of Delhi, the architectural splendor of Rajasthan and the great wonder that is the Taj Mahal. Add to this the wonderful exotic beaches of Goa and all your destination needs are met.

If your own constraints are financial then the opportunity to spend a very long time in India is there for you. Travel is very cheap if you are prepared to use public transport, recommended if you wish to see the real India. Accommodation can vary greatly and it is common to see luxuriously appointed hotels close to much less attractive hostels. The rule for your accommodation needs is simple. Most accommodation is cheap; if you do enter somewhere that falls short of your standards then it is only a short walk until you find somewhere more suitable. A comfortable bed in a spotlessly clean room is not hard to find and will not break your budget.

Indian food setIndian food is one of the world’s most celebrated culinary delights and there is no shortage of places to sample home-cooked curries, breads and all the delicacies of the subcontinent. For the traveler on a budget, Indian food is a godsend and you need never go hungry as a traditional meal of curry, naan and accompaniments can cost as little as $2!

Travelling and exploring India is recommended to broaden the mind and to satisfy a spirit of adventure. To see the country in all its glory and experience its remarkable culture is an unforgettable experience. There may, however, be times when there are events or activities that you want to do but that fall outside your budget. There is always the prospect of hard nosed bargaining but, if that does not work, you may want to consider dipping into your own funds using Trans-Fast to India, an instant service that not only ensures the safe transfer of your funds but also sources the most competitive exchange rates available.

So if you are looking for a budget trip that will fill your days and nights with exotic splendor, color and amazing cuisine, India is the perfect choice.




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