So Many Great Things To Do In London

If you like city trips, then London is a great place to be. I can never get enough of this city. Whether you would like to visit museums, attraction centers or historical places, the city has them in abundance. If you’re contemplating on taking a trip to London and want to know some of the interesting places to go or stay, check out my list below.

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...Hotels – Depending on your budget, there is a wide variety of hotels to choose from. Travel Stay is a great place to start. And if you’re on a budget. They have many reasonably priced hotels that are well situated in the city. Many with parking spaces, wifi connection and a great English breakfast.

Where to shop – If you like shopping on the high street with shops that cater for a wide range of prices to suit different budget, then Oxford Circus is the best place to be. The best way to get there is with the underground (tube). You can also go with the bus if you do not mind the traffic. And a little bit of warning, driving there with a car can be a pain, as you’ll have to pay congestion fees as well as parking. And the traffic can be horrible as well. If you prefer the open markets, Portobello Road Market is open throughout the week. There is also Brixton and Camden Markets, as well as many more.

What to do – There are so many things to do in the city. If you love museums, the British Museum is a great place to be. The museum has a great collection of work from all over the world that you would have to plan ahead what you are interested in seeing. Otherwise, you would need a whole week to see everything there and follow the history behind each piece of work. There are many other museums in the city and most of them offer free entrance. You’ll only have to pay if you’re visiting a special exhibition taking place. If you find yourself in the centre of London in the afternoon then you might hop over to the Landmark London for their famous Afternoon Tea served from the glass domed atrium of the Winter Garden.

A 4 x 7 segment mosaic of Buckingham Palace, L...A trip to London would not be complete without a visit to the Tower Bridge, a suspension bridge that crosses the River Thames, that you would have seen in about any movie relevant to London.  You can choose to go up the bridge for a fee of about £9.00 for an adult. If you do, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the city’s landscape and maybe make some lovely photos as well. Also around the corner is the famous Tower of London. It cost about £20.00 to go inside and see all of the history that lies inside the castle. Some of the things you’re sure to see in the Tower are royal palaces, prison, armory, zoo, and much more.

If your love entertainment and media, the BBC Tour is a good place to visit. You will see the newsroom and get some inside and background history on the BBC. You’ll also do some exercise like reading a TV news broadcast and making a radio play (drama). You are allowed to record the news and play. You’ll also visit other studios and get the chance to see the royal mic as well. The cost for this tour is about £14 for an adult.

Buckingham Palace is another place to visit. What you can expect to see are the State Rooms (these are rooms where the monarchs welcomed, entertained and rewarded their subjects as well as dignitaries), the Picture Gallery(displaying some of the best paintings the within the royal collection), Changing the Guard (A colorful British ceremony that last for about 45 minutes), the Garden Shop (where you can buy items inspired by the Royal collection), as well as the garden cafe where you can enjoy some refreshment at the end of your tour. You can pick up an audio gadget to provide you with a lively guide during the tour. Apart from the little tour inside the palace, there are so many other things to see around the neighborhood.

A gathering of Carol Singers in front of the C...The famous Piccadilly Square and Trafalgar Square are also close by, Just an awesome place to hang out if the weather is nice, Grab yourself a pint or a cup of coffee. and watch the buskers , there is always plenty of local entertainment.

What to eat – London has a wide range of international cuisine that you can treat yourself to and it would be difficult to start making a list as this depends on your taste. Whether you’re looking for Indian, French, Chinese, Greek, or many other cosine, the choice and offer is endless.
London is a city of treasure filled with great venues, events, attractions and hidden corners to explore. While this article cannot provide you with all that there is to do in city, I hope it gives you some valuable info to plan your next trip to London. Also feel free to add some of the things you’ve enjoyed in the city by leaving a comment below.





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  1. Hi Di, great article but you didn’t mention Theatreland. Did you know that one in four international visitors to London take in at least one play or musical when they come to visit!

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