village of stra and the Villa Pisani, Italy

This is my first post of this lovely little village of Stra. A place that most people have never heard of yet, was once the home of Napoleon. I left the sea side after such a nice tour of Venice. Then rented a car and followed the Brenta Canal towards a village called Stra. The reputation of this town preceded it because as before I planned my journey, I was advised to make sure I visit the town. All the travel sites about Italy fondled about the mystery of the small town that was endowed by large villas. The journey is calm. Nothing much happens here as people walk casually to their undemanding errands. The shops are opened. You can tell that here brands does not matter when you are buying something. However, the workmanship has to be to par for the products to get a second look.

The labyrinth of villa Pisani, Stra (Venice, I...The streets of this town are mostly modern. However, this village grew up in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. You can still feel that as you travel the streets. The art is ancient by you can see the genius behind it. You cannot ignore the well-manicured lawns that carpet the side of the road.

I glanced up the sky, and all I could see was a clear blue sky. The people here are simple like any Italians are. The streets are clean and the roads are narrow like I expected. Then out of the blues as comes a villa that you will not fail to notice even in the midst of these priceless villas. It is called Villa Pisani. I have seen the villa in photographs. However, looking at it from a close range, I notice the photographs could not capture its majesty.

A view of the park and the back of villa Pisan...I have to make a stop. I remove my sunglasses to have a clear view of the breath taking ancient building that towers the landscape around it.

The rich Pisani Family built Viall Pisani in the eighteenth century. The building has 114 rooms making it more imposing than it looks. From a glance at the art and majesty of the building, you will know that it was built to impress and it lives to its expectation. You can see from the building that it has a story behind it. A story that involves power and opulence. I hear it was once owned by Napoleon himself before giving it to his adopted son.

Then there is the garden that decorates the building. You can tell from the detail in the gardening that it received more than the required attention. Just from the facade, impression is convincing to pay whichever amount they dare ask to be part of the visitors who are overwhelmed with the astonishing sight that is hosted in this part of the world.




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