The Magnificent Mallalli Water Falls

Kodagu River Falls  I have always been a nature’s lover, and waterfalls fascinate me. Naturally when I heard about the Mallalli falls, I simply had to go and visit them. The falls are located about 250 km from Bangalore and the nearest town is Somwarpet. They emerge from the Kodagu River of the Karkata state of India. The best time to visit the falls is from July to December when the rains are not falling heavily. Again I put together a group from the hostel to go on the adventure.

After a considerable long period of time in a bumpy dirt road, we arrived at a place where we had to do the rest of the journey by walking. Luckily for us the ground was considerably dry. This enabled us to go down the steep slopes while desperately reaching out for something to hold on to avoid falling.mallalli falls india But some of us who were really scared had to simply descend on all fours. However some could not help falling along the way.

The ambiance and surroundings were simply breath taking. Green vegetation surrounded the entire place. It was at this point that my camera started rolling and the shots I took were out of this world. We eventually reached a point far much below, where we were able to clearly see the fall. The waters gushed down so loudly yet gracefully from at least a hundred feet above. At the bottom they raised white steam that could be seen from far off. The scene was simply magical

mallalli fallsWhen visiting the place, know beforehand that the roads are not very nice but this will give you great fun and adventure as you drive and walk through the roads. So it would be a great idea to travel with a four wheel drive car. When traveling be sure to keep a keen eye as you walk as the place is known to have dangerous crawling insects and snakes. Bearing this in mind the best time to visit the place would be during the day when there is plenty of sunshine and light to see. You will be sure to capture the best shots ever and years down the line you will vividly remember the place. When visiting the place it is good for you to travel in groups or to have guides to take you and offer security as they know the place well. We really enjoyed ourselves and I would not regret to visit the place again.

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