The mysterious skeleton lake in Uttarakhand India

English: Nanda Khat (6611 m), Uttarakhand, Ind...Roopkund – The mysterious skeleton lake in Uttarakhand India was my next destination in my series of travels to explore the mystic lands of India. I must say I was skeptical about making this journey. I was afraid because this famous place is shrouded in mystery and I was not sure what to expect. However, I am too adventurous to let such a thrilling opportunity pass me by. So I embarked on my journey, to demystify this ancient attraction and to behold this great mystery; with my own eyes.

I was going to take the Roopkund trekking trail and from the very onset of my journey, I knew that this was going to be an unforgettable experience of my entire life. I was giddy with joy. I was a lone traveler in my group but I was armed with my camera; a great companion if you ask me. Coming so close to the lofty and majestic mountains is just surreal. The views are sweeping and out of this world. The sights are so beautiful they are dizzying; clean, cool air, miles of beautiful meadows, undulating virgin forests, camp sites and picturesque surrounding. There is absolutely no way that this place can be described by words. roopkund-skeletons

All this beauty was just the tip of the iceberg for me. My goal was to reach the world famous skeleton lake. I needed to see this, not just hear from the lips of other travelers. After trekking for miles (spread out in 4 days) on beautiful landscape and snow clad peaks, we made our way to the small glacier lake- Roopkund. The ascent to the glacier lake is both gentle and steep. One thing that was constant was how breathless I felt with every climb as the air became thinner and rarer.

the-skeleton-lake-of-roopkund-indiaIsolated in the very heart of the Himalayas, the mysterious skeleton lake is surprisingly cooing. I felt very calm and drawn to this place. It felt like a sacred place. I was lucky to have chosen the warmer months to visit the skeleton lake. I could see hundreds of pieces of bones in the clear waters of the lake! It is like a mass grave. It is thoroughly fascinating because this lake has puzzled both Historians and Scientists. No one seems to know exactly how so many human remains could be this well preserved for all these centuries. It’s like a maze. The more I looked at it, the more I became bewildered. It is sensational. You have to be there in person to feel the thrill of standing in the midst of this mysterious and historical lake.

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