Three Things to See in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Central Europe, with several unique sights to see – it is special, because it is half way between Western Europe and the East, with the marks of 150 years of Ottoman occupation left on it. Official itineraries contain a series of examples of marvelous architecture – the Parliament, the Buda Castle or the Chain Bridge, but there are many other things one can visit that are unique to this capital.

1. Libegő (Chairlift)

A very popular alternative means of transport for visitors going to the Buda Hills is the Zugliget Chairlift, offering a unique sight of the city below. The chairlift takes visitors to an elevation of over 850 feet to the Erzsebet Lookout Tower, offering an amazing view of the capital city. This is a must-try for the more adventurous tourists – an uphill journey with nothing but the wind below your feet. Exciting, romantic and unique.

2. The Gozsdu Courtyard (Gozsdu Udvar)

The Gozsdu Courtyard (Gozsdu Udvar), named after a Romanian lawyer Emanoil Gojdu (original spelling). The network of six interconnected courtyards and a four-story building was built by the foundation created through his last will, in 1901. Today it serves as both as an architectural landmark and a cultural center, with a number of coffee houses, restaurants, clubs, bars and shops, but also a place where a number of fairs, art exhibitions and performances are organized. This is the perfect place for a visitor to experience the night life and culture of the Central European capital in an unique setting.

The area of which the Gozsdu Courtyard is a part of has been declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

3. Budapest Beyond sightseeing

A different kind of sightseeing tour, not focusing on the usual sights a tourist would want to visit. Budapest Beyond is a company that organizes “socio-cultural” sightseeing tours in Budapest, to places usually out of the sight of visitors coming to Hungary’s capital. The tours usually take two or three hours, and lead curious visitors through the “real” Budapest – the 8th District. If the parts of the city usually shown by tour guides are filled with architectural wonders and modern buildings, these parts of the city are inhabited by the less fortunate, the everyday people living in the capital.

Beyond Budapest is a tour for the more adventurous, knowledge hungry tourists and groups, who wish to experience the real life of a Central European capital first hand.

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