Top 10 National Parks to Visit in the Winter

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Top 10 National Parks to Visit in the Winter

Glistening ski slopes, white-capped mountains, crystal ice lakes, and massive glaciers are just a few of the magnificent features to look forward to within various national parks during the winter season. The cold weather brings a whole new element of beauty to the well-preserved parks, as well as quiet serenity that contrasts the once-crowded paths. If you’re in search of an incredible winter vacation, then consider one of these must-see national parks in the winter.

  1. Yellowstone National Park – Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana

As the very first national park in the country, Yellowstone holds the title with magnificence grace. Hot springs and geysers display a whole new kind of brilliance in the frosty weather. Wildlife is abundant during these cold months, and while most of the road access is cut off due to snow, there are various forms of transportation such as snowshoes and snow-coach tours.


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  • Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

Located not too far from Yellowstone is Grand Teton National Park—and boy is it grand. If you’re a fan of winter sports and recreation, then this is the park to visit. Cozy cabins and rental communities such as Teton Valley Vacation Rentals offer lodging directly between two incredible ski resorts.


Photo by Clay Knight on Unsplash

  • Arches National Park – Utah

Arches is arguably even more breathtaking covered in snow than it is during the hot summer months. However, be prepared for trail closures due to excess of snow. Don’t let your hot summer visits here fool you from the drastic drops in temperature during the winter months.

Arches National Park

Photo by Chris Janda from Pexels

  • Bryce Canyon – Utah

Also located in Utah is Bryce Canyon National Park. The rich red rock contrasts beautifully against the sparkling white snow in this park, similar to Arches. Make sure you’re wearing the correct gear and acquire the mandatory passes for specific backcountry trails.

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  • Yosemite National Park – California

Yosemite is a staple national park to visit year-round. The incredible sights are just even more majestic when frosted over in the cool winter air and fog.

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  • Glacier National Park – Montana

Don’t let this get you confused with Glacier Bay or Denali National Park in Alaska. Glacier gets its name from the massive glaciers that shaped the land into what it is today. The weathering and rock formations formed in this region are breathtaking. To explore the park in the winter, expect your main form of transportation to be with snowshoes or skis.

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  • Denali National Park – Alaska

If you’re looking to see some real–life mind-blowing glaciers, then Denali National Park is the place to go. If the skies are clear then you might even catch a glimpse of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Try downloading a special calendar before your visit to see the best viewing times of the colorful sky.

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  • Mount Rainier National Park – Washington

If it’s a winter sport or activity that you seek, then Mount Rainier has it covered. With the abundance in snowfall each year, there’s much to do between guided snowshoe tours, skiing, and more. Avoid heavy crowds by visiting in the winter months.


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  • Lassen Volcanic National Park – California

Snow-capped volcanoes are a breath-taking sight you won’t want to miss. Lassen Volcanic National Park is a spectacular view when covered in a blanket of snow. Enjoy extra smokey steam vents, bubbling mud pools, and thrilling sled hills in this beautiful preserve.


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  1.  Acadia National Park – Maine

Get the unique experience of a national park on the shore-lines of Maine during the winter season. Crashing waves, wildlife, and ice fishing are just a few of the marvelous features offered in Acadia.


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Don’t let the cool winter air deter you from visiting the beautiful national parks in this magnificent country of ours. Winter offers a new kind of beauty unmatched by summer months. Avoid the crowds and take a vacation in one of these incredible winter-wonderlands.

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