Top tools that you need to carry whenever you travel

Whether you are a regular traveller or you are just planning a one-off honeymoon trip, vacation, baecation or any other trip, there are certain things that you should not miss or forget to add on your travel checklist. These tools are essential for your travelling experience and at times for your own safety. It’s imperative therefore that you add them at the very top of your checklist before you travel.

Travel Clothesline

On your travels, you may have realised i.e. if you are an observant person that you spend quite a significant chunk of money on laundry (if the hotel/cruise ship you are living at does not offer free services). It’s therefore advisable that you carry with you at all times a travel clothesline. This tool will come in handy when you do the laundry yourself in your bathtub or sink and fail to locate an in-house drying line. If you don’t possess a travel clothesline, you can shop for it online, coming cheap you can easily earn some cash by playing games at before you proceed to purchase it.

Alarm ClockAlarm Clock

Many people when they travel already have lined up activities they want to do during the course of their day. Some of the activities may come up early on during the day, therefore, there is a need for you to have an alarm clock that will wake you up. It’s not advisable to rely on the clock provided to you by the facility you are residing at, at the alarm clock may be faulty. So for your convenience, just carry your own clock.

Ziplock Bags

When travelling, you really do not know what you are going to encounter harsh weather conditions for potential thieves. It is for this reason why you should always carry with you at least three zip lock bags of different sizes each. The bigger ziplock bag is for protecting stuff that you do not want to get affected by harsh weather conditions, for instance, protecting books from rainy weather. You can also use this same bag to carry your dirty laundry. The smaller ones you can use them to put stuff that you carry along when you go to do some activities such as swimming. Leaving your things in the open puts them at risk of being stolen. You can also use the smaller bags to keep all your food warm.

Swiss Army KnifeSwiss Army Knife

Before you travel make sure that you purchase a Swiss Army Knife that fits well into your pocket. A Swiss Army Knife comes with many handy tools all in one place including corkscrews, bottle openers, screwdrivers and scissors. These tools are handy for every traveller as you can use them in first aid, removing airport tags, cutting cheese, polonies, sausages, bread, and for fixing minor problems that require screwdrivers. In case of danger, the Swiss Army Knife also comes in handy. The only problem with the Swiss Army Knife is that you might be restricted from certain places such as St Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican but when you weigh the cons and pros, it’s definitely wiser to carry this useful tool along whenever you travel.

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