My Recent Journey to Venice, Italy

Taking a few weeks off for Christmas and a bit of time to relax, I was going through my old notes and saw this post from back in August when I was in Italy, and first starting out the blog, so I went through it and thought I would post it now.

Traveling can be the best stress reliever especially if you travel to the right places. In a world where time is limited and where one is constantly working, it is important to take a break and relax. Now off to a new city and a new life, I do not plan on being home in at least a year or so, so what better place to start then in Venice. The responsibilities of everyday life can prove too much for anyone which is why a break is allowed. I recently started my world journey in Venice, Italy with a friend and her daughter. We found a great family place to stay which worked out perfect for us, as they allowed Tots Too .It was a great start to a long journey and has made for numerous unforgettable memories.

Why Travel to Venice?

I chose to travel to Venice because of its museums, galleries, palaces and churches. In short, I simply wanted to enjoy the magic of the historic city. Being art lovers, my friend and I was ecstatic at the sight of the breath-taking ancient buildings especially the churches. The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute is a monumental church crowned with a splendid dome. This church, a historic monument in its own right has over the years been known to have mystical curative properties. Visiting the church was one of the most tranquil and memorable moments of the entire trip. The palaces in Venice are architectural master-pieces. Built on water, the marble palace is quite the spectacle. The trilobite ogive arch and spectacular Watergate are but a few of the amazing masterpieces Venice has to offer.

If you are worried about where to stay while in Venice, there are numerous hotels. The rates are also affordable with world class amenities and services. My family and I stayed the Novecento Hotel because it was within our budget and suited our love of vintage décor. The main reason why I fell in love with the city of Venice is its warm people. Everyone was extremely friendly, the food was delicious. I especially liked the fresh paste and pastries from the small hotels we passed by.

Venice, Italy is the perfect place to vacation whether you are traveling alone, with family and/or friends. The city is magical, its historical setting romantic for couples and its carnivore events enjoyable for all. The Venice restaurants serve the best pasta I have ever tasted. The food, the people and the wonderful places you visit are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the city.

Next I am off to see the small village of Stra , there is to be a marvelous villa Pisani, and where I hear that Napoleon once lived..

If you want to know more true facts about Italy, my friend Miss Tourist, who lived there for a long time, wrote a really great article about it, check it out!

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