What?? Bird Suicide in India?

Currently on this tour of India, as you all know I have been really into finding some of the most interesting mystical places of India, and guess what! I had an unforgettable experience in Jatinga, which I never anticipated. Initially, my visit was to end somewhere in Assam but when I heard of what I am about to tell you, it was extremely compelling for me to travel to the interior parts for a first-hand experience.

jatinga bird suicide  I flew to Assam a northeastern state of India which is endowed with beautiful and exotic features with tempting attraction! I was in Assam during the monsoon season and had heard of bird suicide’ phenomena in one of the villages called Jatinga- a small village in Assam India located in Dima Hasao district. The village I am about to tell you about was to form the climax of my Indian tour!

My Visit to Jatinga

jatinga mysteryI had been informed that my visit wouldn’t be complete without going watching the eye-catching and incredible phenomena of bird suicide’ of Jatinga. I wouldn’t wait to get there to see how birds commit suicide! and traveled to Guwahati about 350 km from Jatinga. I boarded an auto-rickshaw to Jatinga and arrived there on time to watch the miraculous’ scene. Before I got to the bird watching centre , prior booking was done through local forestry office which arranged for my accommodation at the site.

Action Time!
It was between 7 and 10pm when the entire village went aglow with lighting and this confused and scared me somewhat. After a while, I heard birds in their hundreds quacking and chirping. Suddenly! They came down in their droves not flying but crashing into buildings and trees. Some died while others got badly injured and helpless as they were caught by the villagers and killed!

Village Mystery

I was informed that the period between September and November is late monsoon periodJatinga when several birds migrate from the flooded areas to safer places in Jatinga. There are many myths and beliefs about the suicide phenomena but scientists explain that as the birds are flying, they get disoriented by the monsoon fog as they head to the direction of lights which disorient them further making them crash into walls and trees while descending. The villagers celebrate the death of the birds because they are their exotic delicacy.

Good experience!

Besides the beautiful scenes of Assam, I had a wonderful experience at Jatinga and in case you want to visit, the monsoon season between September and November is the most exciting of all, especially in Jatinga village!

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  1. What a crazy thing Bird Suicide… who would have thought… 😉 I’m so happy to find your site. What a fantastic read!! I definitely really liked it and I have you bookmarked. Take Care

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