What is a city break and why do we like it

I’m sure you have seen ads about “city breaks” in magazines or local newspapers before. If you wonder what this means, think no further – it means exactly what it sounds like. A city break is a short trip – one day, or maybe one weekend at most – spent in a certain city. This is maybe the reason so many people love city breaks: they are short, accessible and affordable, and don’t take up too much of your time. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a short break in a never before seen city.

1. Should I go?

City breaks have several advantages over longer trips. First of all, they are short – a city break can fit into a weekend, or even take a single day, leaving you with much more time to attend to more pressing matters. The costs involved are much shorter than in case of a fully fledged holiday – you spend less on lodging and services (no playing at the online casino platinum play using the hotel WiFi at night), you spend less on food, and so on.

A city break in organized form also has its disadvantages – especially that it does not give you enough free time to explore the last known areas and the real life of the city. But it is a perfect opportunity to form an impression about it, and to decide if you want to return in the future or not.

City Break2. What to wear, what to pack?

If you plan to make a one-day city break – leave in the morning, return in the evening – make sure you have everything you might need in a small bag that you can carry around wherever you go. If you plan a longer trip, say – a weekend in Paris – you can pack one comfy and one casual outfit, along with one pair of shoes for walking and another pair for occasions.

Your luggage for a longer city break should include all your health and beauty products, but in travel size, easy to fit in your bag (there is no use in packing a whole 8 oz bottle of shampoo if you will wash your hair once, at most, anyway.

When you pack your clothes, don’t go overboard. Try to choose clothes that you can mix and match – say, if you pack four shirts for a longer trip, you can pack two pairs of jeans to match them, so you can save space. Also, avoid taking things with you just because they take up little space – this can cause your bag to be crammed, and your clothes to be wrinkled with no iron nearby.

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